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Resolute Capital Partners is your team of investment planners. We work with issuers of investments in beyond-Wall-Street assets: oil and gas wells, commercial real estate projects and other alternative investments that pass a tedious vetting process. By partnering with the issuers throughout the funding process, we help connect eligible investors with capital-seeking projects. In short, we’ve revolutionized how worthwhile projects get funded.

Pioneered by the leadership of its deeply experienced Deal Committee, Resolute Capital Partners analyzes a swelling flow of deals from a variety of issuers, scrutinizing hundreds before selecting the most lucrative to pursue. With vision and ingenuity, we’re looking to the landscape beyond Wall Street.

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Beyond Wall Street Investing.

Explore more about how Resolute Capital Partners employs its proven investment model to thoroughly scrutinizes each prospective deal before making them available to investors.

Resolute Finds and Helps Fund Projects That Matter.

Resoulte’s team of senior executives are forward-thinking about investment models and continually sifting through a consistent deal-flow—from oil & gas, commercial real estate and alternative investment types—to vet sound investments. Our experienced and diligent team scrutinizes every prospective deal and brings various industry experts around the table, based on the type of opportunity. These experts partner with our senior executives to create a powerful and comprehensive Deal Committee to help vet and execute every project.

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