Oil & Gas for discerning investors

Resolute Capital provides eligible investors access to modern oil and gas opportunities and the attractive tax incentives that come with them. For instance, investors may be able to write off a majority of their investment in the first year (restrictions apply).* 

To learn about HomeBound Resources, one of our Sponsors in the Oil and Gas industry, please view the introductory documentary which provides insight into the company and its oil and gas operations. You can view the documentary here


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We have created a range of educational resources to provide additional insights into the Oil and Gas industry.  For details please click below.


Our strategy - informed by experience

Below is a selection of funds managed by the Resolute Capital Partners team in the Energy sector:

If you are an investor interested in learning more about Resolute’s offerings,
please contact your broker or investment advisor to gain access to our opportunities.

*Actual tax implications vary as they depend on your tax rate, limits on deductions, impacts to your Alternative Minimum Tax, and the actual drilling costs of the project. Resolute Capital Partners does not provide tax advice for any jurisdiction. Please consult your tax advisor regarding potential tax deductions and how they may affect your tax liability.