Let’s Answer Some Questions Regarding Commercial Real Estate Investing, Oil Well Investing, Crowdfunding Investing Opportunities and Beyond.

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How does Resolute select the investments it offers?

We have an in-depth, proven investment model. You can view our investment funnel here. Resolute Capital Partners primarily vets investments in oil and gas, commercial real estate and other alternative investments not found on Wall Street.

What does beyond Wall Street investing mean?

There’s long been an exclusive ecosystem of private, beyond-Wall-Street projects seeking private money. Those who have been invited to invest in these projects have traditionally been the only ones positioned to enjoy the plump returns. Our highly experienced senior executive team scours this ecosystem of worthwhile private projects and connects them with investors like you—giving you options, giving you choices, giving you access.

I am part of a venture that is seeking capital, how do I present the deal to you?

We review deals in oil and gas, commercial real estate and other alternative investments continually. For details on our proposal requirements, email us at info@rcp-ltd.com.

Why should I invest in oil and gas?

There are countless benefits to domestic oil and gas investments, one of them being tax benefits not realized in any other investment vehicle. The government recognizes the importance of investing domestic oil and gas. As a result, the U.S. tax codes allow for oil and gas investors to invest in the exploration, extraction and advancement of these sites.

Who is Resolute’s ideal investor?

The ideal Resolute Capital investor is tired of the limited offerings from Wall Street. Our investors have an appetite for investments in oil and gas, commercial real estate and other lucrative alternative investments. Our investors want to diversify their portfolios, reduce tax obligations and have access to the types of investments banks invest in (not the ones the banks offer).

What are your investment minimums?

Investment minimums are based on investment type. With oil and gas the majority of investments are in 6 well packages, and that minimum has averaged $37,500. However, based on opportunity, we look to offer minimums that make sense based on investment type and investment class.

Where do you find drilling opportunities?

We work with partners in the oil and gas sector—geologists and other industry experts—with proven success for combing through logged information about previously drilled wells and previously explored areas strongly believed to have significant recoverable hydrocarbons.

What happens if a deal falls through?

We’ve defined thorough processes to do all we can to ensure the success of the deals we offer. However, in the event that a deal is unsuccessful, our management team will take efforts to recoup principle wherever possible. The majority of our investment involves tangible property, which gives more opportunity to recoup funds on behalf of our investors.

We’re invested in these deals just as our investors are. Therefore, we have skin in the game and plenty of reason to fight to make returns on these investments. We’re co-invested; we only make money when the deals make money.

When can I expect dividend payments?

The majority of our deals pay out monthly. You’ll receive statements and checks on a monthly basis, should the deal you’re invested in be at the stage where it’s returning dividends, of course.

What kind of alternative investments does Resolute consider

We’ve been approached with opportunities from cyber security and software to business ventures and tech innovations. Our senior executives take each prospective deal seriously and rigorously vet each one looking for real opportunities we can offer to our investor pool.

I’m interested, how do I get started?

Before we can get started, we’d like to get to know you. Start the conversation here. (link to sign up form).

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