How It Works

Why Resolute? This is Why.

We help make investing in private projects like oil wells and real estate developments simple, through a model now commonly referred to as crowdfunding, which is when a number of investors each own a percentage of an overall project and position themselves to receive a percentage of returns. We connect smart investors with smart investments, giving you a chance to re-take control over your portfolio.

  1. Explore: Resolute finds and vets worthwhile projects seeking funding. We offer our investors a variety of investment opportunities to search through and decide the best fit for their portfolios.
  2. Invest: We’ll walk you through the simple steps so you can invest in commercial real estate, oil and gas or other alternative options. It’s simple. We like simple.
  3. Collect: When a project is funded, our senior executive team watches over its execution and completion, so Resolute can then divvy out returns to its investors.

This is Our Investment Planning Process. Our Proven Investment Model.

Here’s where it starts. You can think of this as the birth of a deal. First, our senior executive team works with industry experts to vet an average of 314 capital-seeking projects before narrowing projects down to 10 opportunities. Then, with further scrutiny, the committee selects 1 project to share with eligible investors.

Resolute Capital Funnel
Resolute Capital Funnel

Choosing to work with Resolute Capital means choosing to take a hands on approach with your portfolio. Partner with our team of financial experts and investment planners who are stripping away the barriers to beyond Wall Street investments.

Ready to Start Investing in Smarter Ways?

Before we can go any further, the SEC says we need to get to know you first, and we think that's a great first step. To start the conversation, please contact us by clicking below. If you already have an account, please Login below.

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