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Excuse Me, Are You Going to Use Those Byproducts? New Demand Could Increase Profitability for Oil and Gas Companies

A somewhat unknown shift is happening within the manufacturing of fossil fuels, thanks to the recent U.S. shale revolution. Oil and gas companies are finding new outlets to sell fossil fuel byproducts, which could in turn make drilling more profitable, even in times of low oil prices. The proof is in the plastic. Fossil Fuel Byproducts Increase Profitability for Oil and Gas Companies.

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The End of Oil-fueled Cars is Near, According to Viral Report

OPEC decided last Thursday to prolong existing oil-production cuts for its member countries in an effort to decrease world supply and help world oil prices rebound. But, there’s a bigger picture situation looming as the group (and all oil-producing countries) is faced with what it previously dismissed as an over-hyped hypothetical scenario.

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