With a breadth of experience in FinTech, RegTech and HealthTech, Resolute Capital Partners' senior executives seek to identify emerging trends and advancements in these fields which present strong investment opportunities.  Our focus on proven or high-potential, early-stage companies in these three key sectors is aimed at facilitating each company’s growth and maximizing their market share.


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The financial services market is undergoing unprecedented change. Led by the emergence of technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial intelligence, Big Data and Machine learning, this change indicates a period of significant opportunity. Our Resolute Tech fund’s investment in this emerging market aims to help the Sponsors, and our partners and their clients, share in the growth of this industry sector.



Government and industry-specific regulations have undergone significant transformation over recent years. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, opportunities to track, report, and audit activities and actions improve. By identifying partners in this market, the Resolute Tech Fund are seeking to capitalize on this potential growth opportunity.



Advances in technology have resulted in tremendous growth in the Healthcare sector in areas as diverse as activity monitoring and fitness assessment, to genomics and DNA sequencing. Resolute is seeking to facilitate new project innovation and to provide diversified investment offerings to our partners and their clients.

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